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Benefit from the Signal Delta advantage by utilising our high quality, integrated approach to geophysical surveys

Geophysical survey techniques are an important tool for identifying subsurface rocks with different physical characteristics, such as density, electrical conductivity or magnetic signature. Survey techniques work best when there is sufficient physical contrast between target rocks and their wall rocks. Because of this critical need to understand the “geo” in geophysical surveys, this is an often misused or poorly implemented science.

Our geophysicists have over thirty years experience in the geophysics field and take great care to collect clean, accurate and reproducible geophysical data; and to interpret this in light of the geology and geochemistry of the survey area. This, together with our ability to investigate target characteristics through integrated three dimensional modelling and our use of highest quality survey equipment, is the Signal Delta strength. It is the advantage we bring to your geophysical survey needs.

We design surveys according to the target style and depth, as well as the nature of the wall rocks. We implement surveys using properly powered, quality French or Canadian equipment and collect multiple readings to ensure unparalleled data quality. All surveys at all times are conducted with a high degree of attention to detail and safety following our strict survey and QAQC protocols. We have in-house capability to run the following surveys:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • 2D & 3D Seismic
  • Electromagnetics
  • Ground Magnetics
  • Gravity
  • Induced Polarisation
  • Magnetotellurics

All geophysical programmes are designed, implemented and reported according to the guidelines of JORC and NI 43-101.