Exploration Project Management

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Maximise your chances of success with our customised, thorough and value-added approach to exploration management

Our skilled professionals understand the need for a tailored approach to exploration, as each project has its unique characteristics and challenges. Signal Delta has experience in advancing projects from regional and prospect-scale exploration to development and mining, having ourselves been a part of teams that have developed seven small and large scale mines around the world. We understand all facets of exploration from grass roots discovery programmes through prospect assessments with detailed geological mapping, geochemistry and geophysics to deposit evaluations with drill hole planning and management, geological modelling and resource estimation.

Devising an optimal exploration strategy is key to minimising expenditure and maximising the realised value of your project in a timely and orderly fashion.

Our considerable experience and skills in minerals exploration and project development will maximise your chances of success.

We provide the geological consulting and exploration management services that you need including:

  • Accurate topographic surveys for base maps
  • Satellite image procurement and remote sensing
  • Regional to prospect scale geological mapping
  • Regional drainage sampling and airborne geophysics programmes
  • District and prospect scale soil and rock geochemistry sampling and ground geophysics programmes
  • Drill hole and trench planning, implementation, logging and sampling
  • 3D geological modelling and resource estimation
  • Process metallurgical and engineering studies
  • Environmental sampling and baseline studies